Photographic Style

Weddings and engagements are among the happiest points of people’s lives, thus it’s my philosophy to really highlight this happiness.  I often use my parents for inspiration since they’ve been married for more than 45 years and still to this day, they have very vivid memories of their courtship and wedding.  The vividness of these memories is what I try my best to capture in my wedding photography.  Weddings and engagements are very special times, so I like to use a mixture of bold and subdued colors in my photography to truly capture these moments properly. Here are a couple examples of what I’m referring to:

I also love using black and white photos (sometimes with a little color tone) mixed in with colored photos to help give a different perspective.  There are certain types of photos that simply look better in black and white.  Here are another couple examples:

I always find it important to make photos pop from the background, which usually involves correctly separating the subject from its surroundings.  This helps bring the viewer to see what I as a photographer am focusing on, and also helps highlight areas that aren’t often noticed to the naked eye.  Another couple examples:

Finally, I definitely enjoy mixing up posed photos with candid photos.  There’s always a time and place for the more formal posed photos, but it’s great to have fun with posed photos as well.  Candids are also important to help keep the memories alive, since they help give life to an entire set of photos.  Often times I’ll have a client who looks back at the candid photos and says something along the lines of “oh, I remember when they did that!” and it puts a smile on their face.  Here are another couple examples:

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  1. Yung says:

    i like the picture with the flowers and the boobs