Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I was the first of my family to be born in the United States, with my parents and brother immigrating from The Philippines in the early 1970s. I always had an affinity for the arts through movies, video games, desktop publishing, web design, and my love for history. It wasn’t until after graduating from the University of Washington did I truly get into photography. I was deep into car culture and always made it a point to take photos whenever I’d attend a car-related event. As luck would have it, my enthusiasm for taking photos at car-related events landed an editorial position with Subiesport Magazine to produce event coverage. Things took off quickly from here, and I found myself taking more and more photos and constantly upgrading my equipment, along with expanding the type of photography I took.

I went back to school in 2004 to get my Master of Communications in Digital Media degree from the University of Washington, which in turn led to the first wedding I was hired to photograph.  Since then, wedding photography has been something I enjoy doing, with my ultimate goal to make the newlywed couple as happy as they possibly can be.

– Armin H. Ausejo